More Convenient Scheduling

Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) are health care facilities offering patients the opportunity to have surgical and procedural services performed outside of the hospital setting.

Providing more direct control over surgical practices, physicians are able to schedule procedures more conveniently.

Efficient Quality of Care

Recent surveys show average patient satisfaction levels in ASCs exceeding 90 percent.

In the ASC setting, physicians are able to assemble teams of highly skilled staff to ensure the equipment and supplies used are best suited to their specialties.

Greater personal attention and lower costs are among the main reasons cited for the growing popularity of ASCs as a place for having surgery.

Safe and High Quality Services

All ASCs serving Medicare beneficiaries must be certified by the Medicare program.

In order to be certified, an ASC must comply with AAAHC and TDSHS federal standards. Ensuring patient safety and the quality of the facility, physicians, staff, and services of the ASC.

Low Infection Rates

Implementing established programs for infection identification and prevention, facility sanitation, and control of communicable diseases, ASCs have historically had very low infection rates.